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Pekanbaru Death Railway


A short documentary made by the Farrell Family relating to the history of the Pekanbaru Death Railway and what remains today.

Anzac Commeration 2015


An Anzac commeration held at the site of POW camp 9 at Logas Desa 2015

Pekanbaru POW camp, Sumatra


Pekanbaru POW Camp in Sumatra on the 15th of September 1945.


Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial.

Arrival of evacuated POW's from Sumatra at Singapore


Although Sumatra had not yet been occupied by Allied troops, Dakota aircraft of RAF, RAAF, and Royal New Zealand Air Force started flying POW's and internees to Singapore on the 15th of September 1945. 


Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial.

Riding the Rail (1920)


Riding along with a train out of Padang, though the Anai Valley and past lake Singkarak in the 1920's. (West Sumatra)

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