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Casualty List

Below is a list of the known POW's who perished building the railway from Pekanbaru to Muaro. If you can't find a name that you are looking for but know that they died on the railway, let me know and i will update the list.

If you are searching for a person on this page on your PC, the best way to find them is to use Ctrl+F on your keyboard to bring up a search bar and then type their last name into this box. The search bar built into each list works but only for each graveyard so when using this you must know which camp it was that the person died in. Due to the size of the list, it can take time for it to load, especially on a smart phone.

Total Number of POW Casualties

Christian Cemetery, Pekanbaru

New Christian Cemetery, Pekanbaru

Camp 2 Casualty List

Camp 3 Casualty List

Camp 4 Casualty List

Camp 5 Casualty List

Camp 7A Casualty List

Camp 7 Casualty List

Camp 8 Casualty List

Camp 9 Casualty List

Camp 11 Casualty List

Camp 12 Casualty List

Camp 13 Casualty List

Camp 14

Camp 14A Casualty List

List Updates

This list gives the names of those who weren't listed in the original camp lists but were registered with the War Graves Foundation.

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